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For those needing to know a little more

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What sort of things can you do?

Three Pillars that we hang everything from


Community Sharing

Every interaction we have we share some small bit of data.  With Clanns Online we make it easy for you to share the following:-

  • Clann Information
  • Free Information
  • Free/Paid-for Members Area
  • News and Updates
  • About your Clann
  • Resources
  • Social Media Links

Types of data you can share:-

  • Images*
  • Videos*
  • PDFs*
  • HTML and Markdown*
  • Embedded Audio*
  • Web links*


Strangers are just friends we’ve not met yet

We’re very much Audio/Digital around here but we’re well aware others prefer their information delivered in different ways.  We’re here to make that process easier for our Clanns. 

We’re also very much geared around removing barriers to those needing to get their content seen and heard so sharing information freely we see as an essential way for our Clanns to get their story out there

We’ve also seen some other networks that put the cost of their platforms even beyond us!  We’d like to think there’s room for everyone.  Our Yoga teacher always said that we shouldn’t let money prevent a student from taking class and we’d like to embrace some of that ethos here too


Unite the Clanns!

Around here there’s loads of stories of Clans fighting each other.  It almost seemed that if there was no strangers to fight we’d fight ourselves just for something to do!  Thankfully we live in happier times and we think that growing and sharing together is the way to go.  We shop local, support our local businesses and take care of the local environment.

Our good friend, John, on announcing his engagement declared that he wanted to “Unite the Clans!” with his now beloved wife Julia. 

And we think that’s a great ethos to uphold, bringing not only partners together but people from all parts of the globe 


*Currently you can host these on your own servers.  Contact us if you don’t have this available to you as we can help you navigate the choices

Crossing the digital borders 

If you find it hard to get your head around social media, or don’t know your toks from your tics, then we can help pair this back to the simplest basics to get your important message across to those you’re looking to reach

Digital Technology is the glue to hold it all together and with our framework we’ll soon have you up and running to spread your message far and wide

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Your Key Role

Important things you need to know

Being Responsible

The playing field where we should all play fair

Clanns Online is bound like any online digital platform to abide by some pretty stringent laws.  As we’re a member of the greater community here too, we have to see to it that our groups are also responsibly contributing to society

User Generated Content ‘UGC’

Some basic things you need to know:-

  • Content creation guidelines are set out to protect us all from experiencing multiple forms of online abuse, harrassment and bullying*
  • Whilst “Freedom of speach” is to be respected, there is a limit to how far you can go depending on where you are and what your message is
  • We have to provide our users a means to report anything they deem to be objectionable
  • Clanns Online too has to play by the rules set out for platforms such as ours
  • We feel it’s always better to error on the side of caution

*In the UK this the Online Abuse Law


Taking Care of Others

Staying on the right side of things

We’re going to grow Clanns Online slowly and organically.  You’ll not see 100s of new Clanns on here over night, that’s not our plan.  Initially we’re only going to offer this platform to those we already know

Why we’re Starting Small

Some things we want to achieve here

  • We want to be able to sleep at night.  Worrying about each and every post our Clanns are making isn’t something we want to be doing each night
  • We want to help those who would otherwise not have a platform for their content
  • Technology is great when it’s working. But with literally millions of parts it only takes one of them to break and it’s effectively useless.  We’ve over 40 years of I.T. experience here and putting it to good use helping others is what we do
  • Certain professions we’ve worked with (Yoga Teachers and Studios) have found it increasingly hard to make ends meet.  If you’re struggling we’d love to help

Feeling Heard

Providing information to people fulfills that basic want in all of us – to feel like we’re being heard

When you share with people you’re not only telling them stuff they might not know, if you’ve listened to what they’ve said, you can help re-inforce their sense of belonging by repeating to them things they themselves would probably say


Big Trees Grow from Small Seeds

Starting small but making steady progress

Our yoga teacher often talks about the struggles that a lotus flower goes through when growing 

There’s a lot of energy put into the initial burst out of growth that gets something beautiful started

Likewise, we’re starting out small and seeing where we can go from here

Photo by Yusantia Aprian from Pexels

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Create your Clann and start building your relationships and friendships for the future with Clanns Online