Frequently Asked Questions

A quick list of questions we often get asked…

Why isn't the App Free?

That’s the long term plan, to make the App free, but for now we’ve got a bunch of server and development costs we have to cover that are coming round the corner. By paying for the App, either via an app purchase or  subscriptions to the Member Areas, you’re helping us continue to improve and invest for new features and content we want to bring to all users of the Clanns Online App

Why is there a waitlist for my own Clann?

Yeah, this kind of side swiped us a little here too.  When building the App in the initial days the last real thing we were thinking about was any sort of legal implications of building and running and App.  Practically none of the videos you can see about developers building out Apps  to go on the App stoer cover any aspects to do with such thing as ‘User Generated Content’ and the legal aspects concerned about what an Apps’ users are posting online.

The original idea was to include the ability to leave comments, likes, up-votes, whatever you want to call these things, for each piece of content on the App.

The problems started to fall out of the wood work when looking to see what Category the App would be in the App Store.  It’s part Newspaper,  part Social Network, part News. It could fit into any of these but each comes with it’s own set of expectations

EU and UK-GDPR we were well aware of around here but not the Online Safety bill.  Whilst it’s pretty obvious to us (and you know doubt) that we should treat each other with respect and common decency online as well as in real life, it appears this isn’t enough for some, so details of what that actually means has to be written out so everyones’ aware of what they can and can’t do online.  Pair that up with Freedom of Speech and we pretty quickly got out of our depth.  Not so much on what it technically meant to run an App like ours online, but it as pretty obvious that to monitor user generated content was going to take potentially a lot of time and a lot of resources neither of which we have

So this easiest thing was to still build the App but aim it at a very specific Clann audience. Essentially people already known to us

Hopefully that makes sense.  We’d much rather do all the things companies need to do in the crawling stages of their development than rush to stand up and walk only to fall flat on our faces


What's stage of development is the Android Version?

As of 27th April, 2022, the Android version of the Clanns Online App entered Alpha Testing!!   

We’re delighted to find a set of tools that let us boot-strap off of the development work we’d done on the Portal environment for setting up all the group data.  It’s been a difficult couple of weeks to get our heads round the tool kit but it seems to be working!

We’ll keep you all posted on progress through testing.  If you’re and Android user and would like to help out why not drop us a line to help us out!

Why does the App provide content from Multiple Clanns rather than an App for each?

This is just a matter of preference.  Initially the App was going to be solely for John and Julias’ community from but the more we looked into community Apps the more it seemed that there was a good chance to help other communities get there message online alongside John and Julia

The nice thing is, one you’ve picked a Clann you can use the Clanns Online App as if it were an App exclusively for that Clann without ever changing Clanns to view their content.  When you re-open the App it will always show you the last Clann you were viewing