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For those with a sense of shared identity

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Growing your Online Community isn’t easy

We’re here to help

Social Media. We Love It!

But can your customers find all of yours?

Some platforms are great for pictures, some for sharing videos and others for keeping up with Aunt Betty in Oz!

And we love social media as much as you do but we just think there’s a better way of keeping all our content together when sharing information with people we care about

You’ve probably got tonnes of existing content too so keep hold of that and we’ll help you get it into the hands of those that you care about seeing it the most

Content is King

Is yours getting swamped by everybody elses?

We don’t know about you but does your feed seem to be getting swamped by the same, repetitive ads and content that’s either in direct competition with you or just there all the time?

Feed up being a small fish in a big pond and feeling like rather than being a bigger fish you’d prefer to own your own pond?

We’ve got a solution for that


Here’s what we can do to help:

Helping to get your content into the hands of those you want to see it the most

Build your own App, they said, but they didn’t tell you how much that was going to cost you!  Sure, we can build you an App just for you but when you’re on a budget we think that having one shouldn’t be out of your reach

And what’s with all the add-ons?  What we found is that all you really need is a means of getting things into peoples hands. KISS.  Keep it simple (and safe)

So that’s what we do 

We’ve got an App and a framework behind it that makes getting your content online relatively straight forward,  pulling together your content, social media feeds and your documents, websites and videos all in one, readily accessible place

Tell Your Story With More than Words

Got something to say and trying to find people that’ll listen but feel like you’re shouting off the side of a bridge out into the void?  Bring everything about you and your community together into one place and make it easier for you to use that same bridge to let your relationship with your customers flourish

What’s with the Clann thing?

A Sense of Shared Identity

Identifying with your People

Ever been in a crowded room yet felt completely alone?

Yeah, we have too.  There’s just nobody there that we get, or worse, nobody there that seems to get us!

We’ve been met with plenty blank faces when sharing our ideas with others.  That vacant look that tells you that they’re just not into your ideas

Yet we live for those shared moments when someone’s face just lights up when they see what you’re about and they’ve switched on to your plans for the future

‘Our’ sort of People

People who just get what you’re about

Ever met someone and just immediately clicked, like they’ve been cut from the same block as you?  That’s what we’re about here

Where we’re from, when a group of people, friends, anyone with a shared goal gets together, we’d call that a Clan, or in our parliance, a Clann.

But we know Clanns grow and evolve, people join or maybe bring new people in or even leave for a neighbouring Clann

And that’s ok


Keep Them in the Picture

Keep everyone up to date to help make them feel part of what you are doing and up to date on new developments and the latest updates

Got a keen set of followers?  Create a members-only area and keep them in the picture with information and details for your latest news and events 

Bring Everyone Together to the One Source of Truth

Bring your Clann together in one place where anyone looking for you and your content can find you

Don’t spend all your time creating and writing content only to hear ‘Yeah, I never saw that’

Utilise your existing resources, media content and websites but show it all together in one place

Everything You Need In One Place

Your Online Clann Location

Build your Clann with us and give your members one place for them to go to find out what you are doing and what’s new

Your Words and Wisdow

Get your documents, course materials, words of wisdom into their hands anytime, anywhere and available at the tap of a button

A Place for Your Show and Tell

Show case what you have to say in one place focussed on you and your Clann’s message

Create. Build. Share. Experience.

Your ClannYour Data

Newest Clanns

Your Clann here!



Affordable Options for Every Clann

Prices for the Clanns Online App can be found via Apple’s App Store here

Note that we’re still working on pricing.  We have admin and hosting costs that we are working out to the benefit of everyone.  Last thing we want is for one Clann to swamp all others in their resource needs or for us to go out of business as we didn’t do our homework and set aside enough funds to cover server costs